Avid amateur cyclists Rob and Aaron have spent countless hours watching professional cycling races over the years – through crashes, triumphs and scandals. And through it all, the ever-present support teams and team cars, buses and motorcades were in the background of these races doing the unsung work of assisting the riders and facilitating their successes. In 2017, Rob and Aaron decided to bring that level of support to all cyclists – pro and non. Stage 21 was born.

In 2019, we pondered how we could harness the fast-growing appreciation of cycling and café culture to provide the “perfect ride.” With these considerations, our first Stage 21 Cycling Coffee Support Van (CCSV) was established in 2020. Our first CCSV has not only provided cyclists with rider support, it's brought European café and cycling culture to the masses of Toronto.

Our CCSV, wrapped up in evocative ’90s road cycling imagery and iconography, features a high-end espresso machine, bike repair facility and flexible retail space to bring the perfect ride to GTA cyclists. We provide a unique and memorable experience, not just for cyclists, but for passersby craving great coffee as well.

Our Future

Based on our initial success in 2021, we are rapidly expanding from one Stage 21 van to two in order to service the GTA. Plus,
we are investing in our adventure cycling audience with the inclusion of Ghost Gravel. We are excited for this next chapter!

Rob Buckingham

From Merseyside in the UK, Rob has a diverse background in operations. He's worked in the service industry, spent 10 years as an Army Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and is currently a Managerial Consultant in one of the Big 4 accounting firms. He could tell you a good story over a coffee.

Rob has always been a fitness nut and embraced cycling culture from an early age watching the Miguel Indureáin domination.

Now based in Toronto with his partner, Vanessa, and two girls, Willa and Arden, he can often be seen out on his rides trying not to be dropped by his mates.

Aaron Lesarge

Hailing from northern Ontario, Aaron developed his leadership skills at home and abroad through active service in the Canadian Armed Forces and through management consulting.

Aaron has had a diverse career manufacturing armoured cars in the Persian Gulf, conducting influence activities in Afghanistan, planning emergency operations in the far North and streamlining banking processes in Toronto.

Aaron now lives in Ottawa with his wife, Maha, spending his free time biking in the Gatineau hills.

Vision & Mission

Provide a culture-leading brand that enhances the experience of cycling in Toronto and beyond.

Operate a CCSV in and around Toronto in order to support riders and enhance the outdoor experience of the active consumer.